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One way that we can engage in loving God and loving others at the same time is through prayer.  Our prayer line is a way for you to share your prayer requests and praise updates with the wider Spring Garden community as well as to take time to pray for others.

You can add an item to the prayer line by filling out the form below or by calling 416.223.4038 and following the instructions. 

NOTE: This goes to this public website (below) and can be heard over the phone.

Oct 21, 2019

Jane McClean is asking for prayers for her sister’s nephew Tim as he has had further heart surgery. He now has appendicitis, and they cannot remove it. They are treating him with antibiotics which have had side effects. They are keeping him in the hospital. Tim is discouraged but his faith is strong. Pray that the doctors will have wisdom and find the right way to treat Tim!

Please pray for Bira Da Silva as he is back in the hospital with kidney problems while still recovering from a heart attack.
Opal Fuller is asking for prayers for her 85 year old father Cebert and her 56 year old brother Byron.

Opal’s father is diabetic, he had a stroke within the last year and was diagnosed with prostate cancer three months ago.
Opal’s brother Byron has had three heart attacks in the past year.
Please pray for peace and comfort for Cebert and that Byron’s heart heals and becomes stronger.
May we also keep Opal in our prayers that God continues to give her strength and good health.

Please pray for Darlene Boyd’s cousin Ivan who is still struggling with stage four cancer. The family is asking for prayers for a miraculous healing from our Dear Healer God.