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One way that we can engage in loving God and loving others at the same time is through prayer.  Our prayerline is a way for you to share your prayer requests and praise updates with the wider Spring Garden community as well as to take time to pray for others.

You can add an item to the prayerline by filling out the form below or by calling 416.223.4038 and following the instructions. 

Oct 10 2018

Please pray for Gene Tempelmeyer's sister Kathy that her cognitive abilities will fully return as she recovers from brain surgery.

Shannon Loewen is asking for a prayer for her sister in law, her brother and family. Her sister in law, Jenn is going to have radiation treatment for thyroid cancer. It's not an easy type of treatment and it means being away from her family for at least a week during the treatment. It's tough on them all emotionally, mentally, physically, and relationally. Prayer for healing in all of these areas would be greatly appreciated.