Light of the World Presents...

by The Light of the World Band and Friends

Light of the World presents...

Download the songs for free: Dropbox http://bit.ly/1j6rp0A Google drive http://bit.ly/1NC6NWb.

recorded, mixed and mastered by Brandon Quek

produced by Brandon Quek and Greg Kay, 2018

artwork and design by Dale Forder

LOTW Band: Nathan Bonney, Krysten Cameron, Alyson Carvalho, Colin Chapman, Wes Chapman, Greg Kay, Monica Kay, James Lee, Scott Moore, Mike Penner, Brandon Quek

Vocals on “The 12 Days of Christmas”: Day 1-4: Wes Chapman, Monica Kay, Krysten Cameron; Day 5: SGC Kids; Day 6: Darlene Boyd, Jeff McGee, Sam Chaise; Day 7: Colin Chapman; Day 8: Jeremy Ranasinghe, Lily Sider, Hannah Turner; Day 9: Anne Barron, Corinne Sutton; Day 10: Gene Tempelmeyer, Margaret Sutton; Day 11: Greg Kay, Day 12: SGC Youth.

Choir on “O Come All Ye Faithful”: Anne Barron, Miriam Change, Cheryl Chapman, Colin Chapman, Wes Chapman, Don Hopkins, Chloe Kay, Monica Kay, Andrew Little, Annabelle Little, Jeff McGee, Phyllis McGee