An Invitation to Memorization


by Greg Kay

This summer, beginning July 21st, we are going through the letter of Colossians together on Sunday mornings and we wanted to invite you to join us to memorize a portion of the letter with us. Please know that this is an invitation, not an obligation; only join in if you would like to!

Memorizing Scripture can be useful for helping us to internalize and integrate the words on the page deeper into our minds and into our hearts. I myself have found at many times, when I’ve needed a word of encouragement or resolve, God has brought to mind a scripture passage I’ve memorized (even sometimes passages I forgot that I had memorized!), and it has been a wonderful way I feel the Spirit has spoken to me. 

We also feel it would be a blessing to do this as a community, perhaps with a partner, a friend, your family, life group, or the person who shares the pew with you! Partnering with another/others can offer both encouragement and accountability. Perhaps simply touching base on a Sunday morning before or after worship to see how it’s going with one another. If you are interested in doing this with someone but do not know someone, please let us know (email or approach a pastor on a Sunday morning) and we’ll do our best to connect you with someone.

The passage we (Sam Lee and I, Greg Kay) are recommending is Colossians 1:15-20, which is a beautiful passage on the centrality and supremacy of Christ, the one who reconciles all things in heaven and on earth. However, this is just a recommendation so if there is another passage in the letter to the Colossians you would like to memorize, or perhaps this passage is too long and you would rather memorize a portion of it, feel free to do that instead!

As there are numerous English translations of Scripture, we are leaving it to you to decide which you would like to memorize. I’ve included the passage below in the NIV as it is a translation that I know a lot of Spring Gardeners use.