Why God did you Create Dandelions?!?!

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The other day I was walking with my daughter, Makayla, on a bright warm beautiful day when she stopped abruptly. Her whole demeanour brightens as she enthusiastically pointed at a lawn. I took a closer look and wondered what she could be so excited about, for all I saw was some grass and evil invasive weeds that have come to take over the world! She then exclaimed, "Look at all the pretty dandelions, can I pick them?" WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!

For many years, I did battle with the dandelions in my yard, constantly pulling them out. I had to pull them out carefully to get the roots, but many times I did not and they just came right back. Even the ones I did pull, if I left them for a time, they went into seeding and the next thing I knew there were many new dandelions sprouting up.

My wife, Brenda, wanted a picture of me and a dandelion in our engagement photos, and I was extremely against it. It has now taken my wife and daughter to make me start to think, who says this yellow flower is an evil weed?

Apparently, every component of the dandelion is edible and very safe to eat (as long as it hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides). They have health benefits such as being a diuretic, helping the stomach, normalizing cholesterol levels and are a excellent source of: magnesium, folic acid, fiber, zinc, protein, a multitude of vitamins, manganese, calcium, iron and so much more (1/2 cup of dandelion greens contain more vitamins than the average multi-vitamin!).

Dandelions can be made into wine, tea, coffee, replenish top soil, kill warts, strengthen your bones, treat gout, eczema, acne, bruises and as a muscle relaxer.

So what is a dandelion? "A beautiful flower daddy!' or a evil invasive weed, or a edible, drinkable, healthy plant? It sure is a paradox.

As you look around, our new reality is that they are here and here to stay. Can I accept these flowers among our soft green grass?

This makes me realize that I have put them into a negative confines and refuse to look outside of these confines. This I see can be dangerous and not a productive positive practice.

"OK Makayla, I see you love those yellow flowers, pick them and put them in water if you would like, and I will learn to accept and even love them too!"

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